Internet Security Is Important To New Zealanders

Learn How To Protect Kiwi Businesses From Cybercrime

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Learn how a multi-layered approach to security can protect your business.

When it comes to Internet security, most people think of big businesses being hacked. But in fact, most hacks are now against small businesses – just like those that make up the bulk of the New Zealand economy.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is; if it connects to the Internet, it’s a target for hackers. And unfortunately, most New Zealand businesses aren’t doing enough to stop them.

Internet security is about more than just antivirus and firewalls (although these are important too).

True Internet security is a multi-layered strategy that keeps your business, employees, and customers safe. That’s where we can help.

Internet Security is a special website for Kiwi businesses to get information about threats to their safety and learn about ways to stay secure.

Research shows that nearly 60 per cent of small businesses that suffer a hacking event are out of business six months later. Take a proactive approach to your Internet Security today.

We Have Three Key Elements To Our Multi-layered Strategy


A university study found employees can spend more than 25% of a working day engaged in ‘cyberslacking’ — mindless web surfing that costs employers money, and can potentially jeopardise security. Our team can help improve staff productivity and protect your systems from abuse.


The modern network is the gateway to your business. Too many businesses have inadvertently left doors open for hackers and placed their operations at risk. All it takes is one small opening to compromise your vital systems. Take proactive steps toward better security today.


The number one target for cybercriminals is credit card details. If your business accepts payment cards, there are special requirements you must undertake to protect customer data. Learn more about your special security requirements and how we can keep your customer data safe.

Our Experts
Our team is comprised of experts with a variety of backgrounds and expertise in internet security.

Darren Clayworth

Darren Clayworth

Darren is the Director of SOHO Systems and a security expert with more than 17 years of experience in systems administration, network engineering and logical network installation.

John Luckstedt

John Luckstedt

John is a former IT consultant and a leading member of the SOHO Systems team. He works hands-on with clients to secure their systems and protect vital data.

Mike Shen

Mike Shen

Mike has nearly a decade of systems engineering experience, with several certifications from Microsoft and other technical vendors for his expertise in systems design. He is also an expert network administrator.



We’re here to help.
Security for your small business doesn’t have to be complicated. Let’s talk.

NZ Internet Security Blog
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“Our ongoing relationship and level of technical

support with SOHO goes well beyond what one

would typically expect with an ISP/IT service provider,

and certainly differentiates SOHO from the larger

internet companies!”

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By using SOHO Systems, OTS was able to get a higher

quality business-grade connection that significantly

reduced their Internet outages, coupled with a more

reliable and turbocharged internet, OTS was also

switched over to use a Mako 6500 network firewall.

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