CCleaner is arguably one of the best, free tools for clearing out old temporary files, cookies, the recycle bin, and internet history. This cleaner will uninstall programs, discover what files are taking up the most space on your computer, and get rid of the garbage left behind from programs that are not installing or uninstalling properly. Essentially, CCLeaner casts out the cobwebs and increases your computer’s speed. Here at SOHO Systems, we use CCleaner to fix and maintain all of client’s PC’s.

Helpful Hints to Optimise CCleaner’s Abilities


Don’t Run CCleaner Every Day

You may be tempted to run the program every day. If you have a full disk, clearing out the garbage will definitely boost your computer’s performance. However, running CCleaner on a daily basis does more harm than good. Some files are created to make your computer run faster. Your browser’s cache will save images and various other files so that they load faster. For example, Windows Explorer’s thumbnail cache will allow you to load folders filled with videos and pictures without having to reload them all of the time. Cookies will keep you logged into the sites that you visit frequently.

The Solution:

If you decide that you would like to keep cookies and certain caches, then all you have to do before you run the cleaner is uncheck the boxes in the sidebar. There is even an option to whitelist certain cookies. While there is nothing wrong with cleaning your files on a regular basis, unchecking certain things will keep your computer running faster. Click the analyse button to confirm which files are taking up the most space.

Benefits of CCleaner:

ccleaner cloud

Available In The Cloud!

    • Able to clean locally or remotely
    • Will defrag your drives
    • Solve problems in the Windows Registry
    • Can set-up in less than 1 minute
    • Able to add and remove software
    • Monitor your computer at any location
    • Schedule your optimisation
    • Fix bugs remotely
    • Take control of your startup programs
    • View your system information easily

Predictive email alerts so you can stop a problem immediately!

While CCleaner is a good tool for keeping your computer running efficiently, if you do not have a multi-layered strategy concerning internet security, your Kiwi business is in danger of being hacked. Research shows that nearly 60% of small businesses who are hacked are out of business six months later. Take a proactive approach to your Internet Security and SOHO Systems today.