Mako Networks has been in the news lately for less than ideal reasons. The New Zealand based IT security company suffered a major setback in a US based sales deal that unfortunately left the company in a position where its major creditor Spark called in the receivers and shut the company down.

Mako Networks was known for its innovative approach to IT security utilizing cloud based technology to help customers and managed IT resellers a better way of managing IT security endpoints.
But with what the NBR reports as debts of $26m to Spark it made it impossible to continue trading due the the Spark action.

Neale Jackson of KordaMentha has been appointed the receiver of Mako Networks. I spoke with Mr Jackson today, he explained that staff had been retained to keep services running to existing customers while a buyer was sought.

What that buyer intends on doing with the company is not known at this point, but with millions of dollars in potential licensing revenue every year it would be unlikely to be broken apart.

With heavy speculation we could potentially see the company rise from the ashes freed from its debt, it remains to be seen whether this will cause any negative impact to existing customers or whether previous sales staff can be enticed back to mitigate damage to the sales pipeline.

While the Mako Networks firewalls and routers have been a core part of our business to deliver exceptional service, it is at the end of the day a tool that allows us to do a job and is by no means irreplaceable.

So for us contingency plans are in action and a technology vendor selection process is underway, due to the receiver keeping systems running and advanced warning of potential issues we are able to proceed in a calm and calculated manner with other technology partners such as Fortinet and Sonicwall, whom we have more than 12 years of experience with.

The saddest part of this disaster is the good staff that are now out of a job and are at the mercy of the liquidation process to recover monies owed. I have personally worked with a number of Mako Networks staff in previous employment and can attest to their dedication to the job and skill.

I highly recommend any Mako Networks employee to IT recruiters or IT service delivery companies.