Smart Protection For Merchants And Franchises

cc_securityIf your business accepts credit cards, special payment card security rules apply that govern how card data is protected and kept safe. Your business is required to meet a special set of security requirements called the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The PCI DSS consists of more than 200 individual criteria that a business must meet on an annual basis.

Whether you’ve accepted one card transaction or thousands, the PCI DSS apply equally in both cases. Small businesses are usually allowed to complete their own PCI DSS audits once a year in a process known as self-assessment. But part of that self-assessment process is to complete a detailed set of paperwork that asks questions about how your payment network is set up and configured.

What’s more: even minor changes to the setup of the network can make it unsecure and out of compliance with the PCI DSS. That’s why its important to use equipment from providers that are PCI DSS-certified, or already audited to ensure it conforms to PCI DSS criteria. The penalties for being out of PCI compliance can be severe.

You may be fined several thousand dollars by the credit card brands, or banned from accepting card payments altogether. Card payments are a vitally important component of your Internet security. No data is prized more by hackers than a trove of credit card numbers. Contact us today to learn how to keep our customers, credit cards, and business safe.

Our payment card security services include:

  • Certified systems proven to meet the full PCI DSS criteria
  • Ongoing reports and monitoring about PCI DSS compliance status
  • Warnings about changes that could change your compliance status
  • Simplified annual self-assessment process
  • Reduced scope for PCI DSS auditing

Contact us today to protect your business and customers from card fraud.