Improve Your Companies Productivity

improve_productivityThere are a number of systems that need to work together to effectively protect your business. While machines and systems can be programmed, most security professionals will agree that the weakest link in the chain is people.

Humans are fallible, and sometimes can be fooled into visiting malicious websites that can put your Internet security at risk.

Or, they can while away the day surfing websites not related to work tasks, yet eat up valuable bandwidth, company resources, and cost valuable productivity.

A study from Monash University in Australia found that nearly a quarter of an average employee’s working day can be spent ‘cyberslacking’—mindlessly surfing the Internet for distractions while they ought to be focusing on core work tasks.

But systems exist that can reduce the risk that employees may inadvertently jeopardise security by visiting malicious websites, cut down on cyberslacking activity and improve productivity.

Through network monitoring and strong blacklisting protocols, employees can work productively and safely on the Internet while also remaining on-task. Administrators can even set windows for free Internet use, such as during lunch, or after working hours, where employees can use the Internet with fewer restrictions.

People can be a business’ greatest asset, but also its biggest risk. Productivity controls help maintain security and are a vital component of the modern business. Contact us today to learn more about productivity solutions for your business.

NZ Internet Security Have A Complete Range of Services Including:

  • Network traffic reports
  • Lists of visited websites
  • Summaries of user activity
  • Blacklisted (blocked) or whitelisted (allowed) websites
  • Time-based filtering and web access

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