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We have been using SOHO for over eight years now for all our hardware and networking installation and maintenance. Our computer network is a vital part of our communication and production line. We have always found SOHO Systems to be extremely responsive to any problems we might have in these areas along with excellent advice on new systems and hardware.

We would recommend SOHO to any IT based business as their service is excellent. Well done SOHO!

We have been using SOHO for over eight years now

SOHO Systems has had a long relationship with Southern Crossings, providing IT solutions for our offices in Auckland as well as Sydney.

We have found the team excellent to deal with at all levels as they have a firm handle on the strategic needs of our business. SOHO Systems provides cost effective practical solutions, and is considered a valued partner in our business.

SOHO Systems has had a long relationship with Southern Crossings

The Sweet Shop is an award-winning media production company with offices in five countries around the world. It’s become known for the high quality of its work, created using top talent and a creative approach. Working with top brands requires The Sweet Shop to share and send large multimedia files quickly and easily. It approached SOHO Systems to help find a solution that would enable these file transfers during an office move so the company could continue to meet client expectations.

IMG_0225-244x300Paul Duncan, Media & Technical Manager at The Sweet Shop, got in contact and explained that they were in the process of moving to a new building, but their Internet Service Provider (ISP) would take at least a month (and possibly as long as three) to install a high-speed fibre connection to their location, leaving Paul and The Sweet Shop team without any Internet access.

Not only would they be unable to share files, but they couldn’t even carry out day-to-day tasks like email, invoicing, or access to cloud services. SOHO Systems worked with Paul and his team to survey the available options, and drew up a bespoke solution that would get them quickly connected and back in business.

A temporary Internet connection was arranged, including use of a Mako Networks firewall solution. The Mako System allowed fast testing of the temporary connection and ongoing bandwidth monitoring to keep a close tab on usage. In addition, the Mako System was easy to manage through the cloud, simplifying administration and giving Paul greater visibility over his Internet connection and use.

And when the fibre connection was installed and ready, Mako made it easy for The Sweet Shop to cut over to a high-speed dedicated 50Mbps HSNS (High Speed Networking Solution), which acts like a private motorway onramp to the Internet, providing guaranteed lightning-fast speeds—something standard Internet connections can’t do.

IMG_0237-300x184In addition, SOHO Systems was able to supercharge The Sweet Shop’s international data connection, something most ISPs are unable to accomplish. That makes it much faster and easier for The Sweet Shop to collaborate with colleagues in offices overseas and keep up their award-winning ways. By using a Mako Networks solution SOHO Systems has been able to deliver a faster service to our customers at a better price while increasing customer satisfaction.

After the implementation, Paul said: “Our ongoing relationship and level of technical support with SOHO goes well beyond what one would typically expect with an ISP/IT service provider, and certainly differentiates SOHO from the larger internet companies!”

The Sweet Shop Moves to SOHO High Speed Internet with Mako Networks Security

OTS Group is a family-run towing, machinery transport and storage business operating for more than 40 years in the Auckland region, with vehicles operating in Hamilton, Bay of plenty, Hawkes Bay, Wellington and Christchurch. It employs more than 60 staff members and operates 45 transport vehicles nationwide.

IMG_0314-300x200OTS got in touch with SOHO Systems for help stabilising their Internet connection and keeping up with system demand. Leison Howell, General Manager of OTS, had recently made improvements to their operations and dispatch centre, but that meant the Internet connection was under new and increased strain. Any outages were highly disruptive to their business, leaving them unable to receive and allocate customer requests.

SOHO evaluated a range of options with OTS, and selected a new higher-speed VDSL connection coupled with a Mako Networks firewall solution to solve their connection woes and provide greater visibility over their network activity. Compared to traditional DSL connections, VDSL uses phone lines more efficiently resulting in faster speeds. This allowed OTS dispatchers to improve their productivity by cutting the time required to complete a job.

By arranging this service through SOHO Systems, OTS was able to get a higher quality business-grade connection that significantly reduced their Internet outages. Coupled with a more reliable and turbocharged connection, OTS was also switched over to use a Mako 6500 network firewall that could handle the increased throughput of their operations centre.

IMG_0308-300x215The Mako System gave OTS greater visibility over their network, and included Mako Guardian content filtering to help keep tabs on staff Internet usage. Mako Guardian includes content filtering capability, which permits OTS to set limits on what websites staff can access while at work to help maintain focus on the tasks at hand and keep productivity levels high.

The end result for OTS was a faster, more reliable Internet connection that wouldn’t leave staff or customers hanging, protected and monitored continuously through the cloud.

OTS Group improves staff productivity with SOHO Internet Guardian and Mako Networks

SOHO Systems has looked after our computers and networks for more than 15 years and we are very happy with the results and rely on their prompt efficient service. We engaged SOHO Systems to assist us with our server migration when we shifted offices which we managed with very little downtime.

We are very pleased with SOHO Systems flexible approach to our network it has saved us a lot of money over the years. With SOHO Systems as our IT department we know our servers are running smoothly.

More than 15 years and we are very happy with the results!

At Designation we rely on a fast network to ensure that our production can keep up with demand, our issue was that our printing staff were being delayed by network performance issues that we found out were a result from work done by another IT provider that we had used.

We engaged 2 other IT companies to sort out the issue with no results, then SOHO Systems came in and within a short amount of time had identified the issue and implemented a quality solution which resulted in a 6% production improvement and a $7350 net profit improvement for a $320 cost.

The results delivered by SOHO have had a measurable result on our business and would highly recommend their work to any business owner.

Thanks SOHO.

$7350 return on $320 investment

Windsor Garage Doors has offices in New Zealand and Australia and because of this we require an effective solution to help network everything together. We asked SOHO Systems to provide us with some options that would future proof us for years to come.

Their offer required little to no capital expenditure and allowed us to budget effectively as well as providing fixed support costs for managing the solution. By moving more of our computers onto a wide area network we are able to use cheaper computers connected to our head office systems which saves money in the long run. They also upgraded our Internet connection at our head office and managed to double the speed of our Internet over our previous provider.

I would recommend SOHO Systems for anyone who needs a wide area network or fast Internet solution.

Auckland, Christchurch, Sydney Wide Area Network and Internet solution