The Technical Side To What We Do

NZ Internet Security in a special website delivered by SOHO Systems, a leading provider of network security and business technology services based in Auckland, New Zealand.

While NZ Internet Security provides a range of services to help businesses use their Internet connections better, its featured offering is a network security service that combines leading firewall technology with a cloud-managed administration system.

Together, these two systems combine to create one of the most powerful security services on the market today.

The firewall features secure communication options for 20, 50 and up to 3000 concurrent VPN tunnels with AES 256-bit encryption, so users know their data is safe in transit across the Internet. In addition, the firewall uses Stateful Packet Inspection to scrutinise all inbound and outbound network data to identify and block any potentially malicious traffic.

Our firewall also includes Wi-Fi as standard, making it easy to securely connect the tablets, smartphones and laptop computers found in the modern workplace.

Our service provides content filtering capabilities that regulate Internet use within the business to block access to time-wasting websites, social media, or potentially malicious websites. Administrators can even block pre-assigned categories of websites altogether, such as adult content or file sharing websites, for example.

The system can also detect and mitigate many security incidents and events, such as port scans, traffic spikes which may indicate a malware infection, or if an unauthorised device attempts to connect to the network.

All these features are backed up by a fully redundant 4G/3G connection, so that even if the fixed line DSL or Ethernet connection goes does, businesses can still continue to operate by automatically switching over to a mobile data connection.

Our fully featured network security appliances include:

  • Cloud management, with automated software updates, 24×7 monitoring, remote office access, advanced diagnostics and syslogs
  • Detailed reporting including usage, PC usage, remote VPN, current status and more
  • Control over Internet access, traffic threshold management, high usage notifications and worm alerts
  • A simple, uncluttered interface with enhanced ease of use and navigation
  • Dual LAN with DHCP Dynamic DNS support
  • VPN – 20, 50 and 3000 concurrent IPSec, 10-40 concurrent PPTP
  • Embedded Wi-Fi
  • Built in ADSL/VDSL modem, Ethernet port for fibre connectivity

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